1 John 5:12 (American Standard Version)
12 He that hath the Son hath the life; he that hath not the Son of God hath not the life.

1 Jean 5:12 (Louis Segond) .
12 Celui qui a le Fils a la vie ; celui qui n'a pas le Fils de Dieu n'a pas la vie.

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About the author
My name is Philippe Billard. I am freelance self entrepreneur, much excited about Digital Marketing and about miracles in the Bible.


If you want to contact me you are welcom
Mail : Philippe Billard – Les Caravelles – 14510 Houlgate – Normandy – France
SIRET : SIRET 420 469 975 00056 – APE 4791A – No VAT


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I have 2 platforms : 001ebooks.com (Digital Marketing) and 1resurrection.com (Blog of Miracles according to the Bible).
Websites are hosted by Ipage.com, Burlington, USA
Used themes are Storefront in the stores and HeatmapTheme on blogs.


(Digital Marketing)


Each of this platform is bilibgual (English, French) and includes 4 websites
001ebooks.com displays english products with prices in dollars. Each week a new product is added.
Each product is linked to a post published on blog.001ebooks.com
001ebooks.com/fr displays french products with prices in euros. Each week a new product is also added and this product is linked to a post published on blogfr.001ebooks.com


(Blog of Miracles to the Bible)

1resurrection.com includes 3 blogs and a store
Each week a new product is added to store.1resurrection.com and two posts related to this product are added, one on english.1resurrection.com and one on francais.1resurrection.com.
1resurrection.com : you may find more than 150 links about Christian Life
english.1resurrection.com : links to various english posts are posted.


About the author’s ebooks

In English
How To Make Money Online (Amazon, soon on Smashwords and other platforms)
150 links for your Christian Life (Amazon, soon on Smashwords and other platforms)

In French
20 TRUCS DE RADIN (Amazon, soon on Smashwords and other platforms)
Travail à domicile sur Internet (soon on Amazon, Smashwords and other platforms)

Other ebooks will be published both in English and in French.


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